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Caroline in Banaue 2009
Caroline in Banaue 2009
Encomio - Lactao
Name Encomio Lactao


Rogelio Alicia
Middle Name


Lopez Sumook (used: Ramento)
* Date/Datum 00.00.1949 00.00.1949
* Place/Ort Tacloban, Leyte/PH Salcedo-Matarinao, E.Samar/PH
~ Date/Datum
~ Place/Ort
† Date/Datum
† Place/Ort
[] Date/Datum
[] Place/Ort
oo Date/Datum 00.00.1970
oo Place/Ort Tacloban, Leyte/PH
Other/Andere oo
Parents/Eltern Elias Encomio & Aurelia Lopez Delfino Lactao & Segunda Sumook
*/~ Name Firstnames/Vornamen Goodparents/Paten
00.00.1970 Encomio Dennis
00.00.1972 Encomio Gina
00.00.1974 Encomio Annalyn
00.00.1976 Encomio Benfer
00.00.1979 Encomio Mikel Angelo
00.00.1981 Encomio Catherine
00.00.1983 Encomio Maria Cristina
00.00.1986 Encomio Rogelio
00.00.1987 Encomio Caroline
Alicia Lactao lived at her grandmother Lucia Ramento after her mothers death.

That's why the schools and other offices used the "Ramento" as family name, and not "Lactao".

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